Meet The CEO


CEO and Lash Instructor, iLashleigh created 527 Beauty Co. out of the love for making women feel rich in beauty, knowledge, and finances. Here at 527, we aspire to be a brand synonymous with beauty and a beacon for financial freedom and success. As a wife and mother of three who abruptly quit her full-time job with benefits to become a full-time entrepreneur making over 6-figures, iLashleigh strives to make women feel empowered and prepared to fulfill their dreams.

Early in life, iLashleigh admired beautiful women and was enamored by how makeup and eyelashes could enhance that beauty. That was the drive behind creating her luxury lash product line, including top-quality lash extensions and long retention glue.

Specializing in providing high-end services, including lash extensions, teeth whitening, and quality education, iLashleigh has trained, coached, and mentored thousands of women. Her passion for seeing women win has recently extended her expertise to training teens, preparing young women to be powerhouse entrepreneurs in the billion-dollar beauty industry.


Since 2018, the iLashleigh brand has built a positive representation for encouraging women through Women’s Empowerment events, superior training, helpful e-books, and highly rated beauty services. The goal? To create a community of women in the beauty industry who aspire to

seek financial success.